TheDuckCow in the Media

Find below a running record of highlights of Patrick W. Crawford, TheDuckCow, and Moo-Ack! Productions in the media. All sources are external and directly linked.

Media Mentions

Year of 2017

07/30/2017 | Presented about Addon Analytics at SIGGRAPH’s Blender community meeting (later featured on Blender Nation)

02/25/2017 | Held workshop teaching automative python scripting in blender (also on Blender Nation)

02/23/2017 | First credit on IMDb for production tools development on Man in the High Castle, Season 2 (also on Blender Nation)

Year of 2016

12/20/2016 | Addon updater module releases, also covered on Blender Nation

10/03/2016 | Crowd Master, simulation addon development support

09/15/2016 | “Scripting in Blender” course released

07/24/2016 | Siggraph: First release & demo for the CGCookie Blender Addon Updater, Blender Birds of a Feather

02/28/2016 | Blender Nation: Pro-Lighting Studio makes professional lighting easy

01/02/2016 | Blender Nation: Minecraft, MCprep Mob Spawner Update

Year of 2015

09/15/2015 | Blenderguru: Pro-Lighting: Skies v1.1 Update Released!

07/15/2015 | Blender Nation: Super easy Minecraft management with MCprep

06/08/2015 | Blender Nation: Minecraft Music Video: “Destroy You”

Year of 2014

12/17/2014 | Blender Nation: “Blender Effectors” Motion graphics addon

02/24/2014 | Blender Nation: Blender Music video Mr. Herobrine’s Singalong Tragedy

Year of 2013

03/20/2013 | Blenderguru: “Lotto Redshift” animation, special mention in the Scifi Competition  (competition link, page content changed)

Year of 2012

08/25/2012 | Blenderguru: Animation category winner for the “Open Movie Remix” contest (hall of fame link)

07/03/2012 | Blender Nation: Paper Bridge 3D model download

Year of 2011

05/25/2011 | Boinx iStopmotion: Independent stopmotion film “Design Flaw” (release video here)